Grand Theft Auto V
Developed by Rockstar Games

Almost every user was waiting for Grand Theft Auto V to be free since the game was launched. Well, you got your wish. Seems like it’s your only chance to download this amazing game without having to pay for it. GTA5 was cost-free from May 15 to May 21. Users who were quick enough to hop on to the Play Store between those days were able to get GTA5 for free. The good thing is, if you got it for free the first time, it will always be free, but only for users who downloaded this game between May 15 and May 21. Amazing update, am I right? Too bad a whole lot of people missed out on this offer.

Grand Theft Auto is possibly one of the most amazing games we have ever seen. The graphics are awesome, the gameplay is realistic and the characters are interesting. Do not let me start talking about the missions, it’s so much fun the average user playing time is at least 3 hours.

Grand Theft Auto features a real-world around the main player. You can complete missions, rob strangers, steal cars, get rich, and use cheat codes to accelerate this process. There really is no need for explaining all the features GTA5 has to offer. You are probably already familiar with this game. However, if you haven’t played this game yet, you are missing out BIG TIME!

Grand Theft Auto V

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● Franklin, Trevor, and Michael: Michael is a 40+-year-old criminal who has a cheating wife, noisy daughter, and a lazy son. Michael is a part of a gang group located in Los Santos. Trevor is a crazy maniac who used to sell drugs on the street and got rich doing it. Every one of these characters has different skills like shooting, driving, swimming, robbing places, etc.

● Playing Modes: If you are playing a single mode, you will be able to choose from one of the characters listed above: Michael, Trevor, and Franklin. You will be able to make connections between these three when you start completing missions. While regular missions require only one character, there are tours that involve all three. The new update allows users to pick characters and complete missions unique for each one.

● Adventure is much more realistic than before. The whole world is your oyster. You can enjoy every activity that happens in real life. For example, all of your characters are able to drink, eat, get fat, lose weight, drive different cars, implement free missions, break the law, etc. The whole world can be explored by using the maps in Grand Theft Auto V.


● Realistic World

● Different Characters

● One-man and group missions

● High-quality graphics

● Character background stories


● Needs a lot of space to be installed

● Some missions have bugs, requiring you to complete them a few times

● Graphical gameplay for kids under 16


If you are a role-playing game lover and enjoy exploring the gaming world, Grand Theft Auto V is your best bet. Download the game and dive into the GTA5 world. But, be warned this game is addictive, so, watch your playing duration carefully.