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To avoid penalties or further expenses, taxpayers should always make the payments to IRS before the deadline expires. The United States government allows some taxpayers to have extra time in order to avoid deadline violations. Some of these include people who served in military or are disabled because of different consequences.

There is no way around getting refund besides filing a tax return. No violations will take place in this case even if the deadline is expired. The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) rolled out a new announcement which informs the U.S. citizens that there will be slow tax refunds because of the limited employees.

If the tax refund is late, no citizen should file another one in hopes of getting the refund sooner. Even if it happens later than you expected, the IRS will take the time to review and approve/decline your tax return file.

IRS2Go is a free app that’s available for download both from this page and Google Play Store. It maintains an average rating of 3.8 with more than 45,000 ratings. The app is somewhat technical and pretty hard to navigate. This is why some members are complaining about the interface, thus, a few 1 star reviews.


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● Get updated on the status of tax refunds. If you do not like going to IRS office or calling the staff every day, open up the app and check your refund’s status in a few clicks.

● Pay your taxes. Now it’s also possible to pay any delayed taxes from within the IRS2Go app. This feature is widely loved by its users, because it makes their life so much easier.

● IRS tax tips subscription. The filing session always rolls out new tax tips on a monthly basis. The only thing you need to do in order to stay updated is to subscribe to their email list through the IRS2Go app.

● Social media feed inside the app. It’s a lot of work to get updates about IRS tax tips and changes from different sources. No need to worry, IRS2Go application features a built-in social media feed, which allows you to see Twitter (or any other social media page) updates live.

Is it safe to use IRS2Go?

Some people are hesitant when it comes to IRS2Go application. Truth be told, it is always a bad idea to download an app that is developed by an unknown source, but in this case everything is alright. IRS2Go app is developed by the Federal Government and is maintained by the IRS staff. Although IRS2Go is pretty secure, there are still some things that need to be improved within the app.


Overall, IRS2Go app is by far the most popular choice among its competitors. It’s also developed by the authorities and is pretty safe to use. If you happen to be a person who needs to file tax returns or request more time, IRS2Go is probably your best bet.

IRS2Go’s latest version can be downloaded from this page. We always make sure to upload virus-free apps on our website.