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MyChart is an app that helps you monitor your health and keep track of the given information all day long. With this app, it becomes very easy to keep track of your or your family's health situation.


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With MyChart's help, you will be able to:

•Have direct communication with a care team.

•Check and examine your health results, medication prescriptions, visit schedules, and all kinds of different health information.

•Sync your Google Home account with the MyChart app and export/import health information data directly into your account.

•Get hold of your visiting schedule, review visits, and plan new ones.

•Plan visits at hospitals and gets notified beforehand to avoid being late.

•Get estimated prices for your visits and appointments.

•Get the payment options and payment history charts.

•Share medical costs, visits, and medical record information securely with friends and family.

•Connect MyChart with another healt-related app, in order to transform and sync your information easily.

•Get notified via push notifications whenever there is an update. Go to Account Settings to check if you have push notifications enabled.

•Please note that the info you export, import, or examine depends on the health application settings you are going to sync MyChart with. If you are using the newest version of the software, it's more likely that you will be able to use all the features MyChart is providing for its users.

MyChart is a free health app that maintains a 4.2 score on Google Play and 3.2 on Apple Store. Users have been saying that an Android version is much more stable and that's precisely why it has a better rating.

In order to sign in with MyChart, you have to register for a profile with the organization that monitors your health situation. You can do this by downloading MyChart and searching for a specific healthcare organization within the app, or, you can just go to their website and check the compatibility with the MyChart application. In order to simplify the syncing process, set up a fingerprint scanner or a unique passcode, and enjoy the monitoring process without having to enter the password every time.

If you cannot find whether or not MyChart is compatible with your healthcare organization, go to the official website and check for yourself.

Final Words

Overall, MyChart is an awesome app that will not only help you keep track of your health, but also recommend the best medical services and offers from your local organizations. MyChart has a pretty simple design, thus, making it easier for you to book and keep track of your hospital visits. However, if you can't sync this app with your hospital's app, open a ticket on MyChart's official support page, they will most likely take care of this issue.

User Reviews

"Pretty easy to use. The best thing about this app is probably the ability to message doctors and get reminded of my visits".

"Absolutely love it! Very, very easy to use and the info this app gives you about the appointments is astonishing!"

"I have several diseases and need to be on track at all times. This app has helped me greatly when it comes to maintaining a busy appointment schedule."