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Watched is by far the best app that brings together the best content channels together in one app. What’s the result when you combine a browser and a media player? – The watched app that features all in one entertainment on a daily basis. Watched is probably the most popular app in the “Media” category today. It’s available for download for free for both Android and iOS devices. There are in-app purchases, but the privileges you get for free are more than enough to entertain yourself.

Watched is a free app that maintains a relatively low rating of 1.8 on the Google Play Store. We don’t know exactly where these features came from, but the quality of the app is decreasing somewhat as of later. However, the app is free and you can download it both from this page and Google Play Store for Android devices.


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Main features

● Add-ons that are integrated into many popular platforms, allowing you to stream media from different sources. Watched did not have this feature upon the first launch, but their team seems to have worked hard on it since this feature is loved by most of the users.

● Combined content for easy use. You no longer have the need to browse different channels and search for media files separately. Watched brings the best content from different channels together in one app for your browsing pleasure.


● Easy to use. Watched presents a simple interface that is easily customizable. However, you have no need to edit any of the settings, because the regular interface is pretty easy to get a hold of.

● Free. It might not seem like a big deal for some people, but this app allows you to do a lot of stuff for free. Go ahead and check out its main features in the simple panel.


● App crashes. We have conducted our own research on user reviews and people are saying that this app tends to crash and freeze quite often.

● The design could be richer. A simple design is good, but a rich one is better. However, the Watched team has promised us an improved design in the next update.


Overall, if you want to install an app that allows you to watch tons of movies and TV shows for free, Watched is a good option. Despite its bad rating and user complaints, this app continues to function and is used by a lot of people.

User reviews

We are not going to list all of the user reviews, however, we will bring you up to speed as it comes to negative points of this app.

Most users are saying that the Watched app was awesome before the last update. Surely, the latest update seems to have fixed most of the errors, but the app-crashing is still active.

Some of the users also experience different errors (that seem to be new) after switching to a new device. We don’t know why this happens, but the Watched app seems to be more compatible with specific devices.