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SmartThings app is a great tool that will help you greatly to make your home more comfortable and cozy. Just imagine if your furniture knew what's best for you if they know when you wake up and go to sleep, if they knew what time you go to and back from work if they know what's essential for your meal and diet. Well, you can stop daydreaming and come back to reality, because all of these things are possible with the SmartThings app.

SmartThings is a free app developed by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. It maintains a high rating of 4.4 on Google Play Store. Judging from the user reviews, this app can do everything we've just described above.

Your home can be safer with all your electronic devices working for you. What if your car, doors, refrigerator, keys, plants, etc. knew how to care for you and take better care of you.

SmartThings is packed with lots of possibilities, which is controlled by your own creativity and needfulness. You can just go ahead and click the download button on this page in order to get started using this amazing app.


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Main Features:

•Connect to each and every smart device and make them work for you, together.

•This application is a brain for your home.

•The perfect app to turn your house into a smart house.

•Automation solution for your house.

•Home at-a-glance.

•The feature is called "Home on your hands".

•Make your home working precisely for your schedule.

•Supports a wide range of smart devices.

•The ability to control Air Conditioning, TV, Vacuum, Dryer, Wi-Fi, Sensors, Light Bulb, Doorbell, Locks, Thermostats, etc.


•In order for this app to work every device must be connected to the same wi-fi source.

•Register your devices with the same Samsung account, otherwise, the app will not work.

•Features and controls may be limited to some countries and providers. Download and check for yourself.

•If your item's package has "Works With SmarTthings", you're good to go.

SmartThings App Requirements

•RAM size: 2GB plus

•Application permissions

•Location/GPS permissions

•Optional GPS requirements.

Would you like to know what some of the users are saying about this app

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"It wowks perfectly on my Galaxy S20+. I can control room AC, light switches, the garage door, etc. I've never seen an app function this flawlessly while implementing all of its features. The turn on/off settings are pretty simple to use and give me a lot of power to control every last bit of my electronic devices."

"This application has allowed me to implement and use applications that are developed poorly. The user interface is mobile-friendly and pretty easy to get a hold of. We all know that Wemo is an app with many bugs, but SmartThings still allows me to sync with this app and use it flawlessly. Oh, I wish SmartThings was compatible with every electronic device I have at home."