Version: 3.28.1
Developed by Ring.com

Ring app lets you view your home live feed from your smartphone. Connect your wi-fi doorbells and cameras to your app in order to get a full visual view of your house. Ring app is compatible with both Android and Apple devices.

Ring application has built-in security measures. For example, if a person rings a doorbell at your house, or triggers some of the motion sensors you have installed, you will be notified instantly. What's even more amazing, is that Ring allows you to speak to house guests straight from your mobile phone.

The ring is a free application developed by Ring.com, it maintains a steady 3.3 rating on Google Play Store with more than 70,000 user reviews. You can download this app from this page, Google or Apple store. Since the Ring is free, you will not have to pay anything in order to sign up.


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•HD video streaming features a wide-lens camera integration.

•Infrared vision at night. Watch your house with a clear view of 24/7.

•The ability to speak to people who are standing outside of your door. This feature is activated as soon as a certain individual presses one of your doorbells.

•The solar battery is another good feature. Leave your home anytime and stop worrying that your Ring battery might be running low.

•Various installation services. Ring team offers free installation services. You can even customize how, where, and when your ring equipment will be installed.

•Support for all devices, including mobile phones, laptops, and desktop computers.


•Ring started out as a small-scale company and due to its huge success, Ring has expanded tremendously throughout the years.

•You don't need to sign up for a monthly subscription in order to use Ring. The low-cost plan is now being offered to Ring users, this package comes with multiple additional features.

•Customize motion sensor territories. If your home is near a busy sidewalk or a road, setting the sensors too close to the populated area is probably a bad idea. You will be notified even when there's nothing fishy going on. No matter, the Ring app has a function that lets you customize the areas where motion sensors will be operating.

•Forget about burglaries. Do you know that most burglaries start with a simple doorbell click? Well, this is a good thing for Ring users, because you will be able to watch anyone that touches your doorbells in the live feed.

User Reviews

"This app is pretty good. I had zero to no trouble while syncing this app to electronig devices in my home. It's relatively simple to make use of and connect to camers. Another good thing is that it works with several cameras at a time. The only bad thing about Ring app is that I need to disable each camera separately when I'm trying to turn it off using the app."

"It gives me a peace of mind knowing that I have set up the Ring cameras perfectly. Oftentimes the doorbell has a problem displaying the HD quality and the vision is blurry, but I guess it's okay since this does not happen very often."