Version: 11.8.2
Developed by Remind101

Remind is an app that was developed by Remin101 for teachers, students, and parents. It’s used in order to make the communication process between parents and teachers much simpler.

Remind is also used to inform the students/parents about class and school events. Remind is a great app that keeps the whole schooling system updated. More than 30,000,000 students, teachers, and parents are now using this app on a daily basis. However, this application was mainly developed for the United States. Other countries are supported too, but the main user base comes from within the United States.

Remind is a free app that maintains a high rating of 4,3 with more than 200,000 user ratings. Most users are pretty much fond of this app and use it to stay informed at all times. Remind has launched the latest update which is said to have fixed the freezing bugs that were present in the older version of the app.


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● Private numbers, but reach your class/classmates instantly. Phone numbers are not revealed for security reasons, however, it is possible to reach a certain individual in your education community in a matter of seconds.

● Schedule events and announcements for the whole class. This feature is mainly used by teachers in order to plan get-togethers. This option is also great for class meetings, especially with Coronavirus spreading all over the globe.

● Creating a group chat. I’m sure you thought about Zoom when I mentioned group chats. Zoom is not the only application with this feature. Remind also implements similar settings in the app. However, unlike Zoom, the quantity in Remind group chats cannot exceed more than 10 people. Judging by the fact that this application is mainly used for schools, not universities, or colleges, 10 people per call is more than enough to discuss different events.

● Make your office hours known to other teachers. Another great feature for teachers. It’s now possible to make an office hour schedule and collaborate with other teachers.

● Messages can be translated. I was amazed when I saw that Remind supports more than 90 languages. This feature is very helpful for students who are studying abroad and haven’t got the hang of the spoken language just yet.


● Mobile-friendly interface – Anyone can learn quickly how to use the Remind app.

● Lightweight design. No more crashes and freezes. Enjoy the 24/7 functionality of Remind on your phone.

● No excessive data usage. Video chat apps tend to require a lot of internet bandwidth. Well, not this one.


Workflow issues – Sometimes the users are logged out without any warning.

Late push notifications – Oftentimes the push notifications take a long time to load.


If you are a teacher, student, or parent and need to get in touch with the education community, Remind is the way to go. This app will help you establish relationships and keep them going with just a few clicks. Remind has good support and if it’s challenging to get a hold of the app in the beginning, do not hesitate to contact support.