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Nextdoor is a free application developed for people who are in need of connection to their neighbors. It is a social media platform that helps you find services close to you, explore new places, and make new friends that live around you.

Nextdoor can be very handy for everyday usage. You are free to use Nextdoor to view the latest activities by you or your neighbors. Find a wholesales, garage bulk-sales, dog walkers, babysitters, etc. Nextdoor app implements a lot of Craiglist-like features. You cannot go wrong with this app.

Nextdoor is a free app that ranks highly in the Google Play Store and has a rating of 4.1 with more than 135,000 reviews. According to users, this app helps everyday people run private errands much more easily. Nextdoor is said to be an app that makes its users’ life easier.


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● Social network-like features for neighbors. You can easily chat up a neighbor and make new connections. Just think of Nextdoor as Facebook, but for only close-distance relationships. You will not be the only one doing the contacting work, people around you who use Nextdoor will also reach out in order to be friends/business associates with you.

● Neighborhood events. This includes family meetings, BBQ cookouts, etc. The perfect neighbor is someone who is always willing to help you. If you are doing housework, go ahead and ask your neighbor to help you. In turn, you will also be available when they need something from you.

● Find a handyman or a babysitter. If you have too much work on your hands and cannot babysit your own kid for long periods of time, who to trust than your neighbor whom you know pretty well? Maybe a sink is broken in your kitchen and cannot repair it yourself. Ask for help in your own neighborhood, maybe someone is willing to help you or knows someone that might, even for a fee.

● Stay safe and share the news. Was there a crime reported in your neighborhood and you are the first to hear about it? – Share important news like this with families that live close to you. Nextdoor is a perfect platform for sharing crime news, thus protecting several households.


In other words, if you are a new member of a certain society and want to get to know your surroundings, even more, there is no better app than Nextdoor to satisfy all of your needs.

User Reviews

"It's a great app for sharing information with neighbors and people in general. Sadly, face-to-face interaction is something we do not do anymore. This app helps its users in this department. The best part of the app is that you can watch your neighbors and close territories. This app is awesome not only for regular people but for small business owners as well"

"Chatting up strangers is one thing, but you definitely have to know your surroundings. Nextdoor app has been a great help. I am a shy person and have social anxiety when I'm trying to meet new people. However, Nextdoor allows me to create neighbor-like relationships from my own home."