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Chat, Meets, Rooms, and Mail is the four main categories of Google Mail, more often referred to as Gmail. All of the mentioned features combined can rival applications like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Slack, etc.

The new features launched in August helps users implement these new features in their daily lives. No more Zoom or Microsoft Team app bugs, Google is now offering the whole package.


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Gmail probably needs no introduction. It’s by far the biggest, free-mailing service that is offered to the general public. Gmail offers a free storage space up to several gigabytes and does not charge anything for it. Even more so, using Gmail’s full features is completely free and there are absolutely no hidden costs.

Send emails, respond to messages, attach files, grow an email list, and store files in your electronic mails. afford to pay for sending messages.


● Organized inbox. Besides the “inbox” tab, Gmail has added social and promotions categories. This way your emails get filtered and are delivered in a specific category. You do not need to sort anything, all of this is done automatically by Gmail.

● No more spam. Gmail has a very strict filter that does not allow spam to slip in. Aside from the listed categories, you also have access to the “spam” folder, where you can see all the filtered messages that have been regarded as spam by Google Mail.

● Free storage. Google Mail gives you up to 15 GB of free storage per account. Classic Google!

● Gmail supports several accounts. Who said that a Google Mail user is limited to one account only? Go ahead and make as many as you like. The best thing about this? – 15 GB of free storage per account.


● The fastest Mail service – No other provider can trump Gmail’s speed. This goes for both sending and receiving emails. File transfer is also very quick. The upload and download speed are pretty decent too.

● User-friendly interface. Getting around Gmail is so easy even a child could do it. You’ve got the main menu on the left side of the screen and three main categories (inbox, social, and promotions) on the upper side of the center. The whole design has been made very lightweight after the last update.

● Unlimited inbox. Your inbox can go up to 5,000, 10,000, or even 100,000 emails just as long as you have storage to spare. Gmail does not limit the number of emails received.

● Most widely used emailing service – Several million people cannot be wrong. However, if you still have your doubts, go ahead and sign up for a Gmail account, it’s free.


Fortunately, we did not find any.


Overall, Gmail is a perfect tool if you are in need of a good email sending service provider. I, myself have been using Gmail for 10+ years and it still amazes me with every update. Go ahead and give it a shot if you’re still not using this fantastic service.