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Google Duo presented a new feature called screen-sharing. This option is only available for participants who like to have conversations with one on one call. This feature has already been integrated into the Google Duo platform and judging from the users’ reviews it functions flawlessly.

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Another great future that allows its users to make group chat calls using the web version of the app. However, you can only implement this add-on if you have a Google account. This feature was developed for the Google Chrome browser only.

Additionally, Google Duo added a “family mode” to the app. This update features many entertaining options like drawing in real-time on the screen, applying face-effects, and sending emojis. What’s even better is that mute and hang-up buttons will be hidden, allowing you to talk all you want without accidentally dropping the call.

Google Duo is a free app that maintains a high rating of 4.5 on Google Play with more than six million user ratings. The reviews are mostly 5 stars, which speaks about the high quality of the Google Duo app.

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Google duo is a free calling app developed by Google. It was said to rival some of its biggest competitors like WhatsApp, Viber, and Facebook. We cannot say that this is the case right now, but the popularity of Google Duo cannot be denied.

Have you heard of features like Knock Knock or end-to-end encryption? Google Duo implements them both. Knock Knock feature makes the caller’s visual visible to you before picking up the phone. End-to-end encryption makes sure all of your messages and files are stored safely in the cloud. Google Duo used to support group calls up to only 8 people, however, the new update that was rolled out in September, increased the participants’ number up to 32.


● Simple design and smooth interface. The calling process is pretty straightforward. Just pick a contact, tap the “call” button, and enjoy a free video calling experience.

● High-definition video calls. It does not matter if you are using WiFi or mobile data, Google Duo will provide excellent video transmission quality anytime, anywhere.

● Knock Knock. An amazing feature that allows you to watch the user’s visual even before you take the call. This feature is highly adored by Google Duo users.

● Video message. I’m sure all of you are familiar with voice messages. Google Duo added a new twist to the app. This new feature is called video messages. You can leave your friends a video message with just a few taps.

● Voice calls. You don’t have to share the video if you don’t want to. This is where voice calls come in.


Overall, Google Duo is a perfect app for people who like to chat and share videos daily. With new twists like Knock Knock and video messages, this application presents you with a whole new world of video chatting. You simply cannot go wrong with Google Duo.

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