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Google Assistant developed a new feature that allows its users to open up the apps and perform further functions just by saying “Hey Google”. This feature is Google Assistant’s cornerstone and most widely loved option. You can complete complex transactions like ordering the food, getting an Uber drive, or voice-control different applications.

Google Assistant is a highly-rated app on Google Play Store and maintains a good rating of 4.1 with more than 270,000 user reviews. We expected the app to be rated higher than this, but we’ll talk about this later.

Google Assistant is developed by Google Inc. and allows you to access all of its features with just one click. Open up the app by sliding your finger from bottom to top, say “Hey Google” and command it to do almost anything for you. The surprising fact is that this application can be downloaded for Android devices as well as iOS operating systems.

You can create to-do lists and get reminded of every task by using Google Assistant. She (because G Assistant has a female voice) will answer all of your questions, tell jokes, plan events, and make calls for you. Life gets much easier while using this amazing app.

Google Assistant

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Just how much can Google Assistant do?

● Send text messages with voice-commands instead of typing.

● Make phone calls easily.

● Set reminders and get notifications when the time comes.

● Calendar events. You can create and edit them anytime.

● Weather notifications. This app can tell you what kind of weather will be on for the day.

● Access navigation and direct your friends to a specific location.

● Share location just by saying “Share my location to X” and enjoy the tracking process.

● Update yourself and your family members with the latest news.

● Let Google Assistant choose music for you or tell her what kind of music to play.


● Very easy to use. Google Assistant is developed for simple use. It does not have a complex design or background features. You can access everything via voice-commands.

● Free. At first, I was surprised to find out that this app is completely free. There are no in-app purchases or annoying ads.

● Getting the latest news automatically. This is another feature that is loved by Google Assistant users throughout the whole world. You don’t even need to set a reminder, the assistant will do everything for you and provide news about the latest events in your location.


● Sometimes you need to repeat what you said for Google Assistant to understand you completely.

● Poor jokes. This is not even a con, but some people complain a lot when they get a bad joke from Google Assistant.

Final words

All in all, nothing bad can be said about Google Assistant. If you are a lazy person like me and don’t enjoy doing everything by yourself, trust me, this app will make our life much easier.

If your phone did not come with an integrated version of this app, go ahead and click the download button on this page and get started.