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Google announced in its latest promotional video that Google Home might be able to unlock smart locks.

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Google Home, previously named Google Cast is able to let you control all of your Google Home devices. What's even more surprising, it can even control Chromecast options and settings. While adding new features and possibilities, Google Home still remains a new version of Google Cast, meaning that previous functions will not be lost.

You can download Google Home both from Google Play and iTunes stores. Aside from the new name, Google Home now features a nice "home" icon on its logo.

The app has two main tabs, "watch" and "discover". If you go to "watch" tab, you can search for unlimited apps that support Chromecast. Connect your device to Netflix, Youtube, HBO and many more channels and watch any show you like. What's even more amazing, you can perform dozens of features at once with this app.


•For devices that support Chromecast

•Set your options to searching different stuff like TV shows, Movies, Actors/Actresses from your apps that support Chromecast.

•Pause, Play or Rewind every movie or a TV show, you have the full control over the media that is being broadcasted on your devices.

•For devices that support audio Chromecast

•You can sync your speakers with Google Home. No more lost time and energy, just pick up where you left off and continue listening.

•For Google Home Device Users

•Change audio player, location and just about any setting you can get your hands on.

•Sync your Google Home to any device that supports this sort of compatibility.

•Get recommended about new offers and deals.


Some features are only available in the United States. Google said that they are working on this and unavailable features will soon be added to contries that are missing out.

Let's hear what some of the users are saying about Google Home:

"I absolutely love Chromecasting every TV at my disposal and it works perfectly. Please not that I have 3 TVs running Chromecast totegether. The simple syncing process saves me a lot of time and energy. I'm a Netflix lover, so, it feels like this app is made for me."

"It's awesome, I've been using this app for years and it crashed only twice. The amazing performance and speed is what I love about this app the most. Just connect your phone, sync your favorite movies or TV shows and you're good to go."

"Google Home was my favorite app until the last update. Given the fact that many new features were added, it tends to crash from time to time. I guess there is no fix for this right now and we should wait for another update."