Google Authenticator
Version: 5.10
Developed by Google LLC

Google Authenticator is an app that lets you create 2-step verification codes straight from mobile phones.

Two-step verification is a system that provides a better security measure by requesting a two-step verification process when you're trying to sign in to your account. Password is not enough anymore to sign in, you will also need a code generated by the Google Authenticator app.

Google Authenticator is a free app developed by Google LLC. It maintains a high score of 4.0 on Google Play Store, which is a perfectly good rating for the "Tools" department.

Google Authenticator

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This app passed the security test for virus, malware and other malicious attacks and doesn't contain any threats.

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3,217 votes

Main Features

•The ability to create verification codes without having the access to the internet.

•This application works with a lot of providers.

•Android Wear support.

•Dark Theme included.

•QR code setup (automatically).


•Gives you the ability to use several software.

•Pretty simple to set up.

•Can be installed on multiple devices.

•Easy development, integration, and deployment.

•ISO Compliance.

•One-click uninstall if needed.


•If you switch to a new phone, transferring files is complicated.

•No option for sharing a QR code or Key.

•Poor support for users.

Let's see what users are saying:

"Awesome application that gives me a piece of mind. If you reset your smartphone, reinitializing the Google Authenticator is necessary. Setting the settings from scratch is necessary but easy. I have been using this app on numerous websites and had to re-install Authenticator on all of them. The good thing about this is you remember all of your passwords through the process."

"I absolutely love the option which allows me to trasnfer data between accounts. Another good feature is that you can even transfer accounts. I don't understand people who dislike this app because they have lost their phone and are unable to recover passwords. This is exactly what recovery code is for. Each and every website will give you a recovery code in the event you cannot provide your password. Another solution would be using the QR code and transfer account that contains all of your info."

"I would advise Google to make this process much simpler for the user that is switching to a new mobile phone. Transferring and exporting data is a painful process and cannot be done simply, I have checked. However, for people who are already in the know can complete this step using the QR, or a recovery codes provided by the Google Authenticator itself. The only problem I have faced is lack of updates on my old phone. Maybe it's because an older Android version, I don't know."

"I have seen lots of accidents where users lose their phones, thus, are unable to access their accounts through 2-step verification process. The easiest solution I have found goes like this. 1. Store your QR code in case you need to export it. 2. Screenshot your QR code and export it. 3. Print the QR code and use your phone to identify it within the app. However, after all of this, you have a 50/50 chance that this method will work."