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Version: 4.25.2
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Garmin Connect is a great fitness tool that helps its users focus solely on their fitness goals. This app will help you develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle regime. Garmin Connect is especially useful for people who have trouble following their schedules on a daily basis. The inspirational content which is included in the app is bound to give you the motivation to keep going. You’ll have access to health tips that come directly from fitness professionals.

Garmin Connect is a free app that’s available for download on Google Play Store. It maintains a high rating of 4.2 with more than 500,000 ratings. We have taken our time to look over the user reviews and the positive feedback of this app is pretty amazing.

Keep track of your activities, calories, charts, graphs, maps, and many other useful features. Record your data, share it online, and get professional tips from people who know everything about healthy lifestyle and training regimes. Get suggestions from other users, compete with your friends online, and make the painful working out process much more enjoyable.

Garmin Connect

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● You can acquire a Garmin Smart Watch and have a personal trainer on your wrist.

● See other people’s data and share your own, brag about, and compare it to other’s results.

● Get notified of the last recommendations, receive suggestions and digital insights.

● You are able to connect with different users and get your daily dose of motivation.

● Have fun completing the weekly challenges.

● No more lost data. You are free to upload your progress on Garmin’s cloud.

● Customize everything from design to charts and stats.

● Access to the “My Day” homepage, which features personalized recommendations just for you.

● Create workouts based on your own needs.

● Get rewarded for completing daily goals.

● Connect to numerous different health apps and merge your data.


● Free

● Easy to use

● Customizable details

● Personalized workouts and diet plans

● A daily dose of motivation

● Helpful tips from professionals


● App freezes

● In-app purchases

● Ads and popups


Overall, if you are looking for an app that does everything for you, go ahead and give Garmin a shot, you will not be disappointed. Garmin app has lots of stand-out features that differentiates it from other applications. For example, it gives you daily motivational messages, tips, and recommendations in order to make you work harder. This app is perfect for people who are somewhat lazy and struggle with daily activities.

User Reviews

“I have been using this app for 16 months now and have lost 40 lbs. It all came from personalized activities that I’m being offered on a daily basis. Do not get me wrong, this app does help, but everything else depends on you. If you are willing to put in the work, download this app immediately.”

“Oh, how much I love this app. I have always been a skinny kid and could never make myself go to the gym. However, with Garmin‘s help I was able to bulk up without attending gym practices. I am up 10 lbs already. It may not sound much, but for me, it is a huge milestone. Thank you!”