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It all started when one boy who was strolling through his own backyard could not identify a specific flower and suddenly had an idea to turn this mysterious event into a business model. This person was the owner of the PlantSnap app, Eric, who then decided to make a useful app for plant identification.

PlantSnap is a free app that can be downloaded from both Google Play and Apple stores. It has a pretty good rating of 3.7 with more than 70,000 user reviews. We have skimmed through most comments and low ratings seem to be coming from people who have no idea how to use the application correctly.


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In general, PlantSnap does exactly what its name suggests, it takes pictures of different flowers, trees, and bushes, and tells us what kind of a plant it is exactly. The app uses an AI learning algorithm to fill the database with different plants, making the whole process of identifying different flowers much easier. If you wish to get the clean version of this app, click the download button on this page to get started.

Main Features

● Social Sharing – PlantSnap allows you to take pictures of your discoveries, and share them on different social media platforms, as well as the PlantSnap community. There is a large number of people uploading photos, and videos on a daily basis. There is no reason why you cannot be one of them. Have you found an exotic flower, but don’t know what it’s called? No problem, break out the app, take a picture, learn about its whereabouts, and share the content with the PlantSnap community.

● Identifying Features – We have already mentioned this in passing, but it deserves its own paragraph. The AI algorithm that the PlantSnap app uses is a work of art. The app features a large database that contains more than a million pictures of different plants, making the identifying process much more accurate.

● Device Syncing – You can download the application right now in order to take numerous pictures of different flowers, trees, and mushrooms. However, if you are wondering about saved collections, worry no more, the PlantSnap app syncs your device with the main account, which means all of your data will be uploaded to the cloud, making it available across numerous devices.

● Build Libraries – We all know that the trees and flowers change shape, color, and size every season. This is where the PlantSnap app is most useful. You are given the possibility to build a large library of photos of a single plant, which will contain photos from every season. This process makes it easier for the app to identify plants with 100% accuracy.


If you are a plant lover, and like to explore flowers, trees, mushrooms, and so forth, while traveling or taking a stroll, this application is a perfect tool for you to have. PlantSnap will help you identify just about any flower with 100% accuracy. Click the download button on this page, get the cleanest version of the app, and get started exploring different plants.