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Due to low usage, the Facebook Lite version will be disabled on iOS Store. However, the Android version will still continue to function. The Android version is going up in usage and ratings consistently.

Facebook Lite was designed for connections that have low-speed and function poorly. It’s also a perfect app for phones that have underperforming, old parts. This version of the Facebook app also supports the 2G version of the mobile internet.

Facebook Lite was designed differently but has all the features the main Facebook app presents. It was available only outside the United States, but Facebook recently launched this app for the U.S too.

You can view profiles, comment on posts, share content, view stories, etc. In other words, the only difference between the main Facebook app and Facebook lite is the speed. If you install a lite version on a new phone that has good specs, the speed of Facebook will be improved drastically.

Facebook Lite is a free app that maintains a high score of 4,1 with more than 15 million user ratings. This app is used widely throughout the whole world.

Facebook Lite

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Main Features

● Find potential friends, family members, and work associates just by browsing the “suggested for you” category. This app features the exact same option when trying to find new people to friend.

● Share content, status updates, pictures, videos, etc.

● Get instant notifications when a certain person likes your post/comment.

● Explore social events, create hangouts, and join the community.

● Follow pages, artists, singers, writers, book pages, etc.

● Check out business pages to see real reviews written by real people.

● Facebook Marketplace allows you to buy or sell items for free.


● Very fast compared to the regular Facebook app.

● Simple design, easy to use.

● Smaller app size.

● All features are included.


The app crashes when trying to watch a large-sized media file which is mostly limited to videos.

Final Words

Overall, Facebook managed to deploy a Lite version which has proven itself all over the social media platforms. It’s not used as widely as the regular app, but the features implemented seem to attract new users daily. We can safely say that Facebook Lite is just as reliable as its predecessor, the main Facebook app.


If you wish to enjoy the latest version of Facebook with all of its features included, but your phone is lacking in speed and specs, you might want to consider downloading the Facebook Lite version. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

User Reviews

"Probably one of the best apps I've used over the years. My phone only supports a 3G data connection and it works pretty well, surprisingly. There have been only a few instances when the page load process was slow, but I guess it's okay. If a 4G connection takes 30 seconds to download, it takes my phone one minute. Still amazing!".

"Facebook Lite version is good for both calling and video-chatting. It's by far the best app I've used for these purposes. Never freezes, never crashes, and never makes me wait. You can even use this application perfectly in a slow network connection area. Shooting live-stream videos are good too, thank you!".