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BitMoji is an entertainment app that allows you to send avatars and stickers to your friends, family, or just about anyone on your contacts list.

Are you tired of regular stickers and emojis provided by regular apps? Do you wish to bring something new to the table? If so, Bitmoji is probably your best bet. It allows you to send customized avatars, smileys, emojis, and even gifs.

BitMoji is a free application that maintains a high rating of 4.6 on the Google Play Store with more than 3 million reviews. Most of the users are quite fond of this app and use it on a daily basis. You can download BitMoji both from this page and Google Play/Apple stores.


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Main Features

● Emoji personalization. Do you have a personalized cartoon image of yourself? Good, because with BitMoji you can turn it into a personalized emoji. The process is pretty simple as well: Choose your cartoon image and press “Design Your Avatar”, that’s it you’re done.

● Send personalized emojis via messaging platforms. Cartoons created with BitMoji are not limited to singular use for this app. You can send them on Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, etc. You don’t even need to export your emojis to other apps, BitMoji has a function that adds them to your favorite apps automatically.

● You are the personalization cornerstone. Be it avatars, emojis, stickers, or smileys, it all revolves around you. Go ahead and choose a sticker from the large database that BitMoji provides and model it after your cartoon. This app works with your image, thus, creating personalized stickers or smileys is easier than ever.

● Detail personalization. Creating an avatar that is modeled after you is a good thing, but just how much power do you have over this process? – A lot, in fact. You can customize your hair, eyes, beard, add tones to your face, make your nose longer, and so forth. Believe me, you will not get enough of this app.

● Chrome extension. You can even integrate BitMoji features into Google Chrome. Accessing your stickers and avatars has never been easier. Send your personalized emojis through Gmail and have fun. You are also able to copy and paste your stickers on every website you come across.

Final Words

BitMoji is probably the best apps when it comes to creating and sending personalized emojis, smileys, stickers, and avatars. With the Google Chrome extension, this app is growing in popularity like never before.

Another great thing is the BitMoji keyboard and it is an absolute must-have for people who like to have fun while experimenting with different avatars or stickers. Go ahead and download this amazing app straight from this page.

BitMoji is also able to download on Google Play and Apple stores. The installation process is quite simple, you don’t need to have IT-like skills in order to get started with creating your favorite avatars and stickers.

Go ahead and give this app a shot, I am more than certain that you will not get enough of it.