Microsoft Authenticator
Version: 6.2007.4535
Developed by Microsoft Corporation


Microsoft Authenticator is a widely trusted tool that helps you generate 2-step verification codes on your smartphone.

In other words, the users need to complete a 2-step verification process in order to gain complete access to all of their files. To make all of your information safe, the sign-in is made impossible without verification codes. Besides typing your password, it's also necessary to generate a 2-step verification code by using Microsoft Authenticator.

Microsoft Authenticator is a free tool available for downloading both from this page and Google Play Store. It maintains a high rating of 4.7 with more than 10 million downloads. Judging from the user reviews the app is pretty stable with no to a few bugs.

Microsoft Authenticator

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2-step code verification without internet connection - You don't need to spend any of your previous data bandwidth to generate 2-step passcodes.

Microsoft Authenticator is compatible with many accounts of popular providers - Tired of searching for companies that are compatible with 2-step verification tools? No more waiting, Microsoft Authenticator has a large database of company accounts that are 100% compatible with its features.

Dark theme - Do your eyes hurt after watching the white screen? Switch to Dark Mode and enjoy the black themes.

Setting up QR codes - You don't need to have IT skills in order to set up Microsoft Authenticator. Just download the app and let it guide you through the process.

Account Transfers - You can transfer your data through many accounts with a simple QR code.


•The requirements you need to meet in order to use Microsoft authenticator are:

•Android 4.4 or higher

•Permission on your phone to use 2-step verification codes

•Camera permission - The app cannot function if the permission for camera usage is denied.


Setting up the Microsoft Authenticator

•Open Microsoft Account on your device

•Click security in the settings

•Click 2-step verification below "Signing in Microsoft Account"

•Follow the steps shown on the screen

If you go the error upon entering the code, it means:

•You entered the 2-step passcode after it already expired

•Local time on your device is incorrect

If the code is still incorrect:

•Go to Microsoft Authenticator and open it

•Tap on "More" and go to "Sync" settings

•Verify that the time shown on the screen is correct

•If not, reset the application settings with the "Reset" button

User Reviews

"It's a pretty good app as far as authenticator applications go. There are no problems with this app, however, one small bug is that some smartphones are not showing notifications. I would add one additional feature and that is the ability to export data to another mobile phone."

"This app improved drastically, I was using Microsoft Authenticator for one device, now I've got it on all of them, thanks for the good work."

"Simply awesome! Many thtanks for letting us utilize full settings and customize them according to our needs."

"I no longer have the need to remember all of my passwords. The good thing about this app that it works compared to its competitors".