Move to iOS
Version: 3.0.2
Developed by Apple, Inc.

Move to iOS is an application that helps export and import all of your phone data from an Android device to an iOS phone, laptop, or computer. This app supports all kinds of data transfer, including emails, phone contacts, music, videos, bookmarks, calendar, browsing history, etc.

When you are ready to transfer your files, open up the Move to iOS app on your apple device and let it search for a phone, tablet, or computer that is also running Move to iOS. Once the two devices finish syncing, the process will begin and will take a few minutes to an hour depending on your internet speed.

Before attempting it, please make sure that you enough space on your iOS device. Also, WiFi must be turned on and both devices must be connected to the same internet source. The final tip would be “do not forget to plug your devices in power” because this process drains the battery.

Move to iOS is a free app developed by Apple, Inc. which maintains a normal rating of 3.3 on the Play Store with more than 130,000 ratings. For reasons understood, most user reviews on Google Play are negative for this app. After all, they are faithful Android users and don’t really wish to transfer platforms.

Move to iOS

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The exact steps to move your files to iOS:

● Choose “Move Data From Android” when you see a device that your phone is connected to.

● Choose the “Move to iOS app” option on your iOS device.

● Wait until you get the code. A unique code must be received after choosing the previous option.

● Enter this code on your Android device. Make sure not to mistake the phones during the process.

● Pick every file you want to transfer and wait. This will probably take some time because no one switches to iOS from Android because of a few files.

● Finish the setup. When the file transfer Is finished, click OK on your Android device and follow the instruction specs on an iOS phone.

● Last step. After it’s all finished, go over your files to make sure it’s all there. Sometimes files tend to mix up and some of the data is lost. Check that you’ve completed the steps successfully.


● Easy to use. The transferring process only requires time, otherwise, the steps are simple to follow.

● Quick file transfers. After using Bluetooth for so many years, you will be amazed at what new technologies have to offer.

● No data loss. If everything is done correctly, none of your files will be lost in the transaction.


Personally, I am an Android user and cannot see what’s so great about iOS. That being said, if you found a new platform that is much more suitable for your needs, go ahead and download this app in order to transfer your files fully and securely.

I want to clarify that the low rating of this app does not come because of its cons. We have tried to find some, but there are not any. If you wish to proceed, go ahead and click the download button on this page.