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AVG Antivirus is one of the oldest antiviruses out there and has been functioning for more than 15 years. This software was first developed by a small team to combat spyware in the local network, but it turned out so good, that later it was made into an antivirus software that is known as AVG today.

This antivirus makes it easier for your computer, or mobile phone to defend itself. There was no mobile application for a long time, but now, more than ever, mobile phones need protection, even more than regular computers. The AVG team finally decided to launch an app that’s available for download both on Google Play and Apple stores.

This application maintains an amazing rating of 4.7 and is reviewed by more than 7 million users. The app was downloaded by more than 500 million people and is constantly being used all over the world on a daily basis. You can get this app both from this page and the store that supports your operating system. If you wish to get started, click the download button featured on this page.

AVG AntiVirus FREE

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Main Features

● Scanning and Removing – You are able to scan any file, newly downloaded, or an older one. The AVG Antivirus is proficient in removing malware from the most commonly used file types. This means that your file will be rendered clean after the process is done. You are also able to remove malicious content from your phone. You don’t really need to do all that much, the AVG antivirus will do this for you.

● Process Killing – I’m sure there are lots of processes that are running on your phone without you noticing them. Guess what, some of them are not all that necessary and slow your phone down on a daily basis. Do not worry, the AVG antivirus is able to identify, show, and kill such processes in a way that they never emerge again.

● Monitor Battery Usage – The application has a nicely developed function built in so that you will be able to track your battery usage statistics. You will be recommended to complete a few steps in order to kill unwanted processes and apps to make your phone last longer.

● Phone Locking – If you by some miracle do not have a password on your phone, the AVG antivirus will assist you in this endeavor as well. It features a well-functioning lock feature that will help you stay safe in case your phone gets stolen.

● Anti-Theft Protection – Once again, it is very important that you hold on to your phone. But, if it gets stolen, the AVG antivirus will do its best to protect your files via anti-theft protection features. What’s even more amazing, you will be able to locate your phone through Google GPS services.

● 30 Free Trial – This application is free to use forever if you would like to stay on board as a non-paying member, however, if you decide to try out its amazing paid protection measures, you are free to do so with a 30-day free trial. Please note that your card/account will be charged automatically unless you cancel the subscription in the first 30 days.