BBC Weather
Version: 4.0.6
Developed by Media Applications Technologies for the BBC

Developed by the Media Applications Technologies, BBC Weather is a weather-broadcasting app that can be freely downloaded from just about any store. BBC Weather lets the users of the whole world learn about the current and upcoming weather on a daily basis. With this app, you will be able to read through the 5-day broadcast map, making you prepared for just about any weather.

BBC Weather is a free app and can be acquired on both Google Play and Apple stores. It maintains a high rating of 4.5 with more than 300,000 user reviews. If you wish to download this app right now, click the download button located on this page.

BBC Weather

Media Applications Technologies for the BBC
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BBC Weather includes stats like wind speed, UV, pollen counts, moisture, and so forth. Therefore, you will always be prepared for the upcoming weather. BBC Weather also features a 30-day weather map, which is said to be somewhat inconsistent. However, if you want to be as precise as possible, jump to the 5-day weather section and stay updated 24/7.

Main Features

● User-Friendly Interface – The BBC Weather app only features a few fields inside the app. These include current weather, 5-day map, 30-day forecast, and just a few more, making it impossible for you to get lost in the sea of information.

● Current Location Feature – Needless to say, the weather provided for you will be targeted strictly to your location. Granted, you can switch between cities or even countries, but the local weather is the top priority for the BBC weather app. However, if you wish to customize your own weather according to your needs, you are free to do so.

● Overall Daily Conditions – The BBC Weather app features the overall daily conditions that help you learn about the weather in general. If you have been asleep for too long and would like to know what type of weather you missed, this feature is made especially for you.

● UK Weather – Of course, the UK would be a priority for BBC, and, of course, it shows on this app as well. The BBC Weather app shows detailed information about any city, or country located in the United Kingdom. You will be able to skim through the countries in a few seconds and find out what’s going on in the whole empire.

● Instant Notifications – With the BBC Weather app, you will be notified instantly if there is a sudden change in weather. Be it a storm, or a sudden drop in the temperature, BBC Weather will notify you immediately if something strange is about to happen.

● Sharing Functions – The BBC Weather app also includes sharing functions that can be implemented with different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and so forth. Share your local weather and let people know about your local conditions.


If you wish to be informed of your current weather 24/7, the BBC Weather app is probably a good choice. If you live in the UK, there is no second opinion when it comes to getting this app. Click the download button on this page and get started with the BBC Weather now.